Learning Portuguese

Whether you are a complete beginner or a more advanced student this course will help you understand, read and speak most of the Portuguese you will need in your trip, holiday, bussiness or personal goals.

Classes are designed to help students of all ages to improve their Portuguese for personal or business reasons. Flexible methodologies are customized for each student, including intensive remedial work, basic and advanced grammar, special learning techniques, and strategies for building confidence.

Class description:

We will study the basic structures and grammatical points you'll need in everyday situations, helping you develop an authentic accent and increase your confidence in simple phrases or advanced conversation topics.
We will focus in what your difficulties and goals are and find the best way for you to learn and improve quickly and easily, strengthening your areas of weakness.

Books will be used in class and homework assignments will be given to reinforce your learning.

                            AVAILABLE CLASSES ~

                                                                            Private Tutoring
                                                                              Group classes

                                                                     Accent Correction Classes

                                                                          Conversation Classes

                                                                          Online skype Classes