Classes are given in Manhattan on fifth ave between 56th and 57th st .

Different sites throughout London. Twickenham, Waterloo, Goodge Street, Egham. Please inquire.

Classes are given in the center of town .

Are you looking forward to your first lesson? :)

Your first lesson should be paid previously to your appointment through paypal, a 1 hour class is $40.
If your first lesson is a 2h class please make the payment for 2 hours. After your first lesson, please sign up for a package of lessons.

- A four hour block of lessons is $160; - hours must be used within 5 weeks.

- An eight hour block of lessons is $310; - hours must be used within 5 weeks.

-24 hours lessons - $850;  or 27 hours lessons - $930 - hours must be completed within 3 months.

You may choose to take a 2 hour , 1/5 hour or a 1 hour lesson. Group classes are usually a 2 hour class.

Please pay your first appointment or online class below. Please note that the price may reflect a transactional fee. I look forward to seeing you in class :-)

Your class may be rescheduled if a request is made with at least 24 hour notice, if the class is canceled last minute the class will be charged.

Skype classes' prices are the same as regular classes.

Thanks for your business!
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